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Metal Confections

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Established in 1992, VULCISPAS currently operates in a production hall with high quality equipments, with a production capacity for metal products of over 70 tons / month. In addition, VULCISPAS remains the only company in the country that produces polyethylene insulation products for the third subway rail.

In recent years, our company has gained extensive experience in the production of metal structures. Thus, we produce a very wide range of metal products with high quality standards, adapted to our customers needs.

The metal structures are executed in compliance with Law 10/95 and in accordance with regulations C150 / 1999, C56 / 2002, C133 / 2014, C139 / 1987, STAS 767 / 0-1988. Our company is ISO 9001 and EN 1090 certified.

What recommends us?

Specialists and Qualified Staff

Our specialists translate any project into a product that meets the specifications, at an impeccable quality and at the lowest price. Our company's team consists of specialists capable of executing a wide range of products.

Last Generation Technology

Our equipment and advanced technologies allow the execution of complex and high precision parts. We constantly invest in new technologies and work equipment in order to find the most efficient solutions


Experience and Professionalism

For almost 30 years we have been seriously and professionally executing all the projects in which we have been involved.

Our Services

Execution of metal confections

The following services can be performed for both individual projects and complex execution projects:

Sheet metal cutting - CNC plasma

Sheet metal cutting - CNC GUILOT 10X2000

Cutting metal profiles -BAND SAW

Small metal profiles- perforations, cutting -COMBINED SCISSORS


Different metal processing

Execution of profile parts up to 5 TO

Maximum weight 5to (crane crane capacity), maximum gauge 12.5ml, maximum profiles 450x600mm

Execution and assembly of metal structures

For: industrial and logistics buildings, warehouses, public spaces, sports centers, commercial spaces.

Plasma cutting up to 25mm (1250X2500 mm)

This service is included in the production process of metal fabrications but can also be a service on request.
- the cutting is performed with the following machines: CNC PLASMA
- Sheet metal cutting: S235, S355

Execution of metal parts according to the requests of the beneficiaries

Execution of polyethylene insulating protection parts and metal supports for subway contact rail - AFER approved products

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Who recommends us?

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Dumitru Constantinescu

Dumitru Constantinescu

CEO Vulcispas