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Subway Station



Străulești Subway Station is the first subway station in Bucharest that is a part of the first intermodal urban transport hub of Bucharest - Park and Ride - (subway, public transport, personal car transport).

Technical details

  • Molded walls
  • Perforated columns
  • Internal and external dewatering
  • Top-down floors
  • Box walls
  • Sealing injections
  • Reinforced concrete and masonry interior construction
  • Waterproofing works
  • Earth fillings
  • Railway and related infrastructure
  • Enamelled sheet metal curtain walls on aluminum structure
  • Aluminum false ceilings
  • Aluminum curtain walls and joinery
  • Structural natural skylights on the upper floor with heights of 2 to 4.5.m and a diameter of 1.2 m
  • Plasters, washes, washable paints
  • Epoxy floors and paints
    Natural stone cladding for floors and walls
  • Manufacture and assembly of bond cassettes
  • Metal constructions and stainless steel railings
Value of the contract
75.565.710 lei + VAT
Metrorex S.A.
Total length of the station 
 374 m
Opening year
Upper floor thickness
1 m