Subway Station

Anghel Saligny

The Anghel Saligny subway station (formerly called "Linia de Centură") was inaugurated in 2008 and is also the terminus station of Highway 3.

Technical details

  • Injections with bentonite-cement suspensions (strength and sealing)
  • Reinforced concrete and masonry interior construction
  • Waterproofing works
  • Earth fillings
  • Railway and related infrastructure
  • Curtain walls from trespa panels on eurofox aluminum structure
  • Aluminum false ceilings - coffered and linear
  • Aluminum curtain walls
  • Plasters, washable and epoxy paints
  • Natural stone cladding for floors and walls
  • Production and assembly of bond cassettes
  • Metal constructions and stainless steel railings
  • Reinforced concrete infrastructure and metal superstructure of the air intake
  • Deep well desanding
Value of the contract
4.253.782 lei + VAT
Metrorex S.A.
Opening year