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Correspondence Between

Piața Victoriei 1 and 2

Modernization works in order to streamline the public access between Piața Victoriei 1 and Piața Victoriei 2 subway stations. From the platform of the subway station Piața Victoriei 1 (Metro Line 1) there are escalators with direct connection, in both directions, to one of the vestibules of Piața Victoriei 2 station (Metro Line 2).

Technical details

  • Intermediate floor penetration by cutting a core at Piata Victoriei 2 station, maintaining the circulation of trains and passengers
  • Reinforcement of reinforced concrete structure
  • Metal pillars to support the intermediate floor in the breaking area
  • Fireproof metal structure
  • Dry stone wall mounting with metal clamps on aluminum support
  • Installation of natural stone on the floor
  • False cassette ceiling
  • New battery of escalators directly at the platform that ensures the connection between Piața Victoriei 1 and Piața Victoriei 2 Stations
Value of the contract
 4.338.241 lei + VAT
Metrorex S.A.