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Subway Railway

1 May-Bazilescu

Technical details

Execution of the railway and the third rail on the section 1 Mai - Bazilescu Park at the subway line 4 of Bucharest.

  • Execution details design
  • Consolidation and stabilization of the ground by injection with bentonite-cement suspensions in inserted spears and cuff tubes
  • Tunnel reinforcement injections with bentonite-cement suspensions
  • Sealing injections with polyurethane resins
  • Circulation and operation safety works
  • Restoration of areas affected by subway works
  • Foundation infrastructure of the railway
  • Ballast and concrete support track structure
  • Changer railway superstructure
  • Electricity supply works for subway frames III
  • Electric welding works on the railway
Value of the contract
26,674,863 lei + VAT
Metrorex S.A.