About us

S.C. SOMET S.A.  is a privately owned company, founded in 1991, coming from CCIB grup Metrou and so far is keeping the core of Metro specialists for specific Metro works.

Trough the material base that  S.C. SOMET S.A. had gathered, it has secured it`s autonomy in the works of great complexity.

 S.C. SOMET S.A.  has the possibility to approach works in executing turnkey general contracting, works that require networking utilities deviations and underground structures with special preparatory work, finishing, electrical and sanitary installations, reconstructions of surfaces, industrial buildings.

S.C. SOMET S.A. fleet comprises both transport (trucks, dump trucks) as well as construction equipment (excavators, concrete pumps, cranes, compressors, pumps, sealing injections, epuisment pumps, etc.).

The S.C. SOMET S.A.  production base is located in the Theodor Pallady no.133 B, comprising a base shaped concrete, steel, carpentry workshop, warehouse, department of secondary production – industrial metal workshop, etc.


S.C. SOMET S.A.  won tenders for works of great complexity and scale that have been made within the required standards and specifications.
Technical execution team has the ability to find innovative and effective solutions to specific problems that may arise during the works.


 S.C. SOMET S.A. sites were chosen by the Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Transport as representative sites for ministers and official visits in the country and abroad. 


S.C. SOMET S.A.  won awards from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania in the last 4 consecutive years. Works quality guarantee is certified by quality management system certification ISO 9001, ISO 14001 si ISO 18001.